Public Governance

Good Governance implies honest, transparent, accountable, responsive, participative and people friendly administrative policies and actions. The Centre for Public Governance is especially aimed at capacity building for good governance.

CPG's Objectives

  • To acquaint the newly inducted officers with the dynamics and complexities of development administration and to equip them to face long-term challenges.
  • To acquaint the in-service officers with the latest advancements in the field of development administration.
  • To carry out research on various issues related to the development administration and disseminate generated information.
  • To undertake projects and consultancies related to good governance.

Training Expertise Subjects

  • Citizen's Charter.
  • Motivational Techniques.
  • Contemporary Value System.
  • Gender Issues.
  • Human Rights.
  • Ethics in Administration.
  • Financial Management and Project Management.

CBPR Projects

  • Aimed at Capacity Building at various levels for poverty reduction.
  • Sponsored by DFID, UK and DoPT, GoI.

Consultancy Services

  • Providing extensive consultancy services to various PSUs.
  • Clients included : Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Shipping Corporation of India

Major Training Assignments

South Asia Level
  • Training of Sri Lanka Administrative Services assigned by Lai Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie & DoPT, GoI.
  • Workshop of Nepal Administrative Services assigned by Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi.
National/State Level
  • Training of Jammu & Kashmir Administrative Services sponsored by Jammu & Kashmir Government.
  • Conducted 07 Foundation / Induction courses for various Class-l & II officers of GoM
Outreach Courses
  • MoUs signed with various regional and district training centres.
  • Arrangements made for collaborative training of Class-III and IV staff at different locations.