Yashada Media Resource Center

The Audio-Visual Cell was set up in the Academy primarily with the objective of catering to the needs of the audio-visual requirement of training programmes. In the long run, it was envisaged that the Cell would be used for in-house production of audio-visual training aid material and documentaries.

At present, the centre function as a central repository of all essential hardware instruments and gadgets and provides assistance to the Course Directors for incorporating audio-visual inputs like transparency based presentations through over head projectors, video films through LCD projectors etc.

An important function of the Cell is to arrange a proper Public Address System (Amplifier, microphone, collar mike, sound box etc.) in the classrooms & boardroom.

Recent Activities

  • A Documentary film on Management Development Centre has been prepared by the Cell.
  • A database of film producers has been prepared and maintained.
  • Up-to-date list of all audio-visual equipments prepared and stock register updated thoroughly.
  • The entire film documentary produced by the Academy has been listened thoroughly and synopsis of each film has been written.
  • A brochure is being prepared, distribution of which would promote the sale of CDs.
  • A proposal for production of documentary film on Village Katalagewadi Dist. Satara has been finalized and given to SHREE FILMS is assigned to prepare the film by the end of the April 2008.
  • A proposal to arrange three days course on communication skills has been designed.
  • A proposal for installation of "Pinnacle" software which will help edit and dub the film in the Cell is in process.