Center for Equity Social Justice and Human Development

The Centre for Equity, Social Justice and Human Development (known by its Marathi acronym SAMMAAN) reflects the concerns of the most vulnerable sections of society—the destitute, the disenfranchised and the disempowered.

It is concerned with the protection that law provides and the justice that the poor are denied. It deals with issues of equity — both perceived and actual. And with equality — across caste, class and gender. It investigates why opportunities are limited and potential unrealised. And most of all, it endeavours to translate the good intentions of government policy into benefits at the grassroots of society.

CESJHD's Objectives

  • To identify areas of concern in social policy, and assist in the formulation of equitable policies and programmes
  • To undertake capacity building among government and voluntary sectors, so that the policies and programmes reach their intended beneficiaries
  • To document and disseminate knowledge and information on emerging social issues

Current Projects and Programmes

  • World Bank-funded Project on Social Accountability: This has two sub-projects — the first looks at the state of knowledge on Social Accountability precepts and practices across the world, and in India; the second part deals with the design of formats for voluntary disclosure under Section 4 of the RTI Act for procurement in the rural, urban and infrastructure sectors of government.
  • Planning Commission and UNDP-funded Capacity Building Project for Human Development: This exercise will put in place a Corps of Master Trainers, to deliver the message of the Millennium Development Goals to the district and sub-district level, across Maharashtra.
  • State Policy for Senior Citizens: The CESJHD, along with several Civil Society Organisations, is in the process of finalising Maharashtra's Policy for Senior Citizens, and networking to enable its eventual implementation.
  • Communal Harmony and Social Integration: The CESJHD is working closely with Government to enable policy- makingand advocacy on issues of Communal Harmony and Social Integration.
  • Besides these projects, the CESJHD is running around 80 Training Programmes on a variety of subjects; Mainstreaming of the Disabled; Project Planning and Management in the Social Sector; Social Responsibility; Sustainable Livelihoods; Equitable Human Development of Deprived Sections; Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; Social Justice Issues in Higher Education etc.
  • In the near future, we also propose to launch an internship scheme for M.S.W. students, and for students of journalism, to sensitise them to the field conditions, scope and challenges of development administration.