Research and Documentation Center

The Role

Public policy research plays a key role in improving governance processes. The core machinery of the government often requires dedicated and effective mechanism for policy / programme review. The Research & Documentation (RDC) Centre of YASHADA provides this crucially important service to the state by undertaking need-based and action-oriented research projects in various areas of public policy and governance. The training activities of YASHADA also draw benefit from the latest data / case studies and findings / observations of such research. The research services are also extended to national / international development agencies and donor agencies, who wish to support specific development initiatives in Maharashtra.

Key Services

The research and consultancy services provided by the Research & Documentation Centre include policy / programme evaluation, creation of interactive data systems for concurrent monitoring of development activities, organizing stakeholders' consultations for arriving at a consensus on key development decisions, conducting pilot projects for new and alternative development strategies, and also the training and capacity building in various research strategies including participatory action research.

Collaborating Organisations

The RDC has developed expertise in an efficient, time-bound and outcome-oriented project management for delivering research / consultancy services in an efficient manner. As a result, the RDC receives a large number of projects from the State departments and agencies so also many reputed international agencies. Some of the important client organizations of the RDC include the Planning Commission and the Second Administrative Reforms Commission of India at the national level, the departments of Planning, Relief & Rehabilitation, Agriculture, Police, Women & Child Development, etc., at the state level, and the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, International Labor Organization, The Ford Foundation at the international level.


The various research projects of RDC help disseminate reports, papers, training modules, manuals, databases, customized software, which are highly useful reference resources for a wide range of development issues and problems. These research documents are designed in such a way that the learnings of research can be applied to a wide variety of situations and challenges. Many government departments and other development agencies find the research documents of RDC quite useful. The research-based solutions provided by RDC have triggered policy thinking and decisions in some crucial areas of development administration and governance.


The human resource reflects a blend of varied disciplines and fields of expertise. The resource personnel of RDC include both government officers on deputation to YASHADA and professionals from the fields of social sciences, management, voluntarism, etc., which brings together the ground level insights and conceptual perspectives in development.

Major Projects

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Rehabilitation of Sardar Sarovar PAFs
  • Directory & Accreditation of Voluntary Organisations in Maharashtra
  • Functional Review of State Departments
  • Social Justice Report on Maharashtra
  • Community Managed Programming through Village Microplanning
  • Report on Steps for Effective Administration at State Level
  • Evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Agriculture Schemes