ISO and PPI Cell

The ISO Facilitation Cell (ISO), established in October 2004, has helped YASHADA to enable training processes on Environment Management Systems 14001:2004 and Quality Management Systems 9001:2004. Importantly, the objectives of the cell are central to the goals of the Academy, and include quality systems audit within the1 Academy.

Over the past three years, the ISO Facilitation Cell has been facilitating training programmes in co-ordination with Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) for Lead Auditor Training Programme on Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001: 2000 and Lead Auditor Training Programme on Environment Management Systems (EMS) 14001:2004 with one in- house faculty member and one Tutor from BVQI and with the active support of one assistant.

The Cell has also facilitated ISO implementation for Valsang Gram Panchayat, Taluka Dakshin Solapur, and District Solapur.

Audits conducted at YASHADA

Internal Audit:
The Internal Audit in the academic year was conducted by the YASHADA COUNCIL OF AUDITORS. Twenty departments were audited during the internal audit.
Surveillance Audit:
The External Auditor conducts the Surveillance Audit every six month.

Activities Proposed at ISO Cell

  1. Preparation of Auditor's Database : The ISO Cell has taken up the activity of preparing a database for each of the Internal Auditors. The database contains the information of the Internal Auditor based on ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems and the Internal Audits conducted in the respective year by the Auditor.
  2. Revision of manuals: ISO Cell has initiated the Revision of manuals for implementation of ISO procedures at YASHADA. The revision of manuals will be done in phases. There are four Manuals such as:

    1. APEX Manual: To establish standards, the Academy has establish a Quality Management System (QMS) documented it through Apex Manual, and implemented it through various processes and procedures of departments of the Academy.
    2. Client Oriented Process Manual (COP): To ensure and provide Quality training to the Participants, trainees, attendees of Yashada training programmes,workshops, seminars and out-reach programmes. To ensure and provide quality support for programmes and research activities within the Academy. To establish Grievance redressal mechanisms. To strive for continual improvement in imparting training and carrying out research activities.
    3. Support Oriented Process Manual (SOP): To support and maintain hardware & software.
    4. Management Oriented Process Manual (MOP): To develop, maintain, update and control the YASHADA Employee Information System (EIS), preferably on a computer based network and database. To ensure that all employees are monitored and therein accruable benefits are provided rightful / legitimate claimants on time. To ensure implementation of recruitment rules as approved by the Board of Governors of ASHADA from time to time for purposes of services regulation, promotion appointments as the case may be. To ensure a positive and supportive working environment for all employees within any bias of gender, religion, caste or regional domiciles.
The Council of Auditors for YASHADA have successfully attempted the Quality Management Systems & Environmental Management Systems examination.

PPI Cell

Establishment of YASHADA Policy and Plan Implementation Cell (PPI Cell): The Policy and Plan Implementation Cell (PPI Cell) was established with effect from 22 January 2004 vide Policy Circular number XXXIInd BoG/ 2004/ P&P/Action/ PC/ 28 dated 1 March 2004. The PPI Cell coordinates the meetings of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Academy, and monitors activities undertaken on the basis of the approved decisions through issuance of policy circulars and maintains records of coordination within the Academy among all departments.