Centre for Human Development


Center for Human Development (CHD) established in 2010, formerly known as Child Rights and Development Studies (CRDS), is now expanded its horizons for human development related issues. CRDS has worked on wide range of projects since 2005 comprising of training, research and policy advocacy. To name a few are training and capacity building towards elimination of child labour, evaluation of Mid Day Meal Scheme in primary schools, evaluation of centers for education of out of school children under SSA, study of education of out of school girls in Nandurbar districts of Maharashtra, development of strategy for rehabilitation of migrant child labour and preparation of State Action Plan for elimination of child labour. Apart from training and research in Maharashtra State CRDS has conducted training of officers from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal and Delhi for elimination of child labour. CRDS has developed a tracking system for seasonally migrant children. The focus in the year 2010-12 was capacity building in the areas of primary and secondary education.


  • To analyze the secondary data about human development indicators with a view to providing policy advocacy to the Government
  • To conduct capacity building programmes in the area of Education and Health so as to improve service delivery mechanisms related to Human development indicators
  • To bring out publications on Human Development issue such as effective and tested training modules, research reports, success stories etc
  • To conduct action researches on Human Development
  • To develop a data bank and a resource unit required for above functions

Areas of work

  • Preparation of Human Development Reports
  • Sensitization of Officers and Non-Officals on Human development
  • Research on Human Development Issues