Center for Information Technology

The Centre for Information Technology (CIT) was established at YASHADA in April 1987 (formerly, the Centre for Computer Application and Training - CCAT).

CIT's Objectives

  • To conduct training programmes on various aspects of Information Technology, including office-level management, LAN + WAN, Internet and Intranet, and website management.
  • To enable development of application software for use in Government departments.
  • To establish LAN systems at YASHADA and provide 365 x 24 x 7 connectivity for training programmes, library use, faculty and trainee - participants in the campus.
  • To develop e-learning knowledge portals and provide gateways for access to training programmes and reading material.

CIT's Activities

  • Conducting training programmes on various aspects of computers and information systems.
  • Planning and overseeing purchase and maintenance of computers and related equipments.
  • Developing application software for Government departments and YASHADA.
  • Providing application support, problem solving assistance and internal training on use of computers.
  • Maintaining the Website for the Academy
  • Providing Internet access on the YASHADA campus and integrating Internet into the training programmes.
  • Providing advice and guidance on computerisation to other departments of the Government of Maharashtra.

Present I.T. Infrastructure

The current CIT LAN setup includes:
  • A Server Room consisting of 10 Servers.
  • 450 access points for 200 desktops and 250 access points through 'Thin Clients'.
  • 3 computer based classrooms and IT labs
The Internet access is a dedicated 24 x 7 link through 2 MBPS Hathway link and 1 MBPS STPI soft link.

Software Development and IT Projects

1. In-House
  • Gramlekha Software for State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD).
  • Audio-Visual Multimedia Microplanning project.
  • Register of Innovation (ROI).
2. Turnkey Projects
  • Training Management Information System (TMIS)
  • Co-ordinating the Microplanning Project with CCMP and COEP.
  • YASHADA Intranet
3. Systems Implementation
  • IT Inventory and Assets Management System.
  • Firewall with UTM for Internet Security.
  • Email, Messaging and Collaboration Suite (Zimbra).
  • An Asterisk based Call Center with advanced features for BRGF Scheme.
  • A Feature reached Website for National Documentation Center, for DoPT sponsered CBPR Programme.
  • An e learning platform based on Moodle Learning Content Management System.
  • Various applications for CIT's internal use.
4. Consultancy
  • IT Inventory and Assets Management System