Center for Power Sector Development

YASHADA established the Centre for Power Sector Development (CPSD) in January 2007 as an initiative towards capacity building of engineers and managers of power supply utilities in the country and commenced undertaking training and research activities in Power Sector through the centre. The main objective of the centre is to contribute to the national endeavor to carry out reforms envisaged in the Electricity Act 2003 and equip the officers of Power Sector Utilities with modern techniques for effective management of projects, human resources and material. The training courses being conducted by CPSD also aim to strengthen human resources in the Power Sector to face the challenges of present day competitive environment with determined efforts, sense of ownership and positive attitude.


  • CPSD has conducted 135 Training Programmes & trained 2660 Engineers from Power Sector since inception up to 31/07/2009.
  • CPSD is recognized as Category-I training centre by the CEA.
  • CPSD is appointed as Nodal Implementing Agency for Franchise Development in Power Distribution.
  • CPSD is awarded best institutional ranking for the year 2007-08 by Power Finance Corporation, New Delhi.

The courses using specially designed training modules at the CPSD are:

Module Duration
Induction Level Training programme to new entrant Junior Engineers (Transmission)- IND (JE) covering syllabus mandated by IE Rules 1956 plus study visits to EHV Receiving Stations, HVDC Terminal, SLDC, and EHV Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Factory, Power Transformer Manufacturing Company etc. 45 Days
Management Development Programme (MDP) for the Engineers/ Officers of Generation, Transmission & Distribution Sectors. 06 Days
Project Management Programme (PMP) for the Engineers/ Officers of Generation, Transmission & Distribution Sectors. 06 Days
Distribution Reforms and Upgrades Management (DRUM) for Engineers of Distribution wing on:
i) Distribution Loss Reduction (DLR) 05 Days
ii) Demand Side Management (DSM) 03 Days
iii) Best Practices in Distribution System (O & M) 05 Days
Training Programme on Protection & Testing of Transmission System (PS&T) 06 Days
Electrical Safety and Accident Prevention 03 Days
Revenue Management, Finance & Accounts. 03 Days
Developing Best HR Managers in Power Sector 03 Days