Dr. Sunil Dhapte

Full Name : Dr. Sunil Dhapte
Designation : Associate Professor
Academic Qualifications : DIT,  DCJ, DTM, BSc(Mathematics), LLB, MA(History), MPM, MPhil(Economics),  PhD(Economics).
Contact Nos. : O20–25608223
E-mail IDs : drsunil_dhapte@yahoo.co.in, drsunildhapte@rediffmail.com
Date of Joining : 09/05/2007
rofessional Experience / Previous Postings : 24 Years professional experience in various executive and administrative positions in the Motor Vehicles Department, Govt. of Maharashtra. Worked as Asst. R.T.O. 25 years experience in teaching field as a guest and visiting faculty.
Academic / Professional Achievements : DoT (Design of Training),   DTS (Direct Trainer Skills),  DTS II (Direct Trainer Skills-2),  TNA (Training Needs Analysis),   EoT (Evaluation of Training)
Areas of Expertise : Capacity Building,  Training of Trainers,   Human Resource Management,   Time Management,   Ethics and values at work place,  Right to Information,  Office Management,  Records Management,   Stress Management,  Organizational Behavior,   Responsive Administration,   Good Governance,  Citizens Charter,  Administrative Law,   Human Rights,  Public Relations,  Road safety.